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The tragedy of jobs(not Steve)

       Many times I saw on social media sarcastic photos about the persons that go to a job that could have it without graduating a college. Starting to my case, I will give some arguments why it is not a big tragedy to have that kind of job.

-Work is not a shame! Maybe that person didn’t find any job and couldn’t stay waiting.
-Not everyone is going to collage because of a powerful wish, but a social pressure. It’s better to do something  you are comfortable with, than to be always behind other colleagues.
-Actually it can be an opportunity for a great career, specially in big companies. I know persons that started as sale assistant and now they are the leaders in the company.
-It’s a way to see how it is that work, that salary and how important is that you, as client, to not be the greatest jerk.
-It can help to have a good discipline and resistance at stress(to me, as freel…

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