Brasilia, the geometry's symphony in architecture

                           Unless like the usual capitals of the countries, Brasilia is far of being the most                                popular destination of the country. Situated in the interior of Brazil,  Brasilia is the only                        capital constructed in 20 century, planned in every detail. Brazilians from other cities                            don't have a good opinion about Brasilia, because they related it with politics, but I                              think  this  architectural treasure deserve to be discovered at his real potential. The city                        is clean-issimo and the people are friendly. The best season to visit it is October-April,                        because otherwise  the humidity is low and it can be uncomfortable.

                    Mostly of great buildings are on Eixo Monumental(Monumental Axis) who ends in the                        Praça dos Três Poderes(Three Powers Square).

              TV Tower
              First thing that has to be seen is the TV Tower, the elevator is free and from there is a                          beautiful view of entire center, but also a beautiful landscape of the city. Right in front of   
              TV Tower is a beautiful sign with “ Eu ❤️ Brasilia”.


              Cathedral of Brasília
              Cathedral of Brasília is one of the most emblematic point of the list. Made by 16 columns in                a original shape, the cathedral has also an excellent acoustic.
              Free to visit.


             Santuario Dom Bosco

              It is not in the Eixo Monumental, but is pretty close. All the walls are made by blue glass,
              that is changing the color in purple during the day. There's a huge space inside, without any
              sustains and above reigns a huge chandelier made of crystal.
              Free to visit.

                Lake Paranoá
                A great place to spend the time for a walk, relaxing at restaurants with amazing view or                        practicing a sport. The artificial lake is very clean and very beautiful projected.
                Free to visit.

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