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  Digital tools mandatory to speed up the tourism recovery after Pandemic The most affected hospitality industry is without a doubt that of tourism and hospitality. As the restrictions persist, I want to highlight a few tools that, at low cost, can help this industry mitigate its losses.        1.  A website, a responsive email address, and social media page       If till now, some tourist entities were found thanks to the reviews from tourists on a different platform, now this is one of the most important assets to survive in this time. The following information must be included and instantly updated: operating hours, maps, how a tourist can reach the destination, and a contact form. Use social media not only for beautiful pictures, but offering useful details as well.     2. Prediction for avoiding crowded places      This is not a tool for particular tourist entities, but for local authorities and big museums. Today, there are big data about the touristic flow. Machine learning can
How to set up a Page(and add content) in Blogger I choose the keep my websites on Blogger for many reasons: it's free, easy to manage, templates integrated and it works perfectly with other Google products like Adsense or Gmail. Creating pages was one of my biggest challenge when I start to working on it. I wanted to keep my articles separated and somehow easy to find. As well, Blogger is based on Label which is the equivalent of hashtag in social media. There are two components in creating Pages: 1. Added a new ones in "Pages" 2. Configure it in Layout Pages. Remember: always in this order. The pages created in "Pages" initially won't appear on site. You will have to go on Layout, select "Pages" as widget(like in the picture attached). Check Visible - Show Pages and in the left column the pages you want to be visible.
Things good to know about Android Coding(without programming experience) Released in 2008, Android is an mobile operating system based on Linux. It might look a little bit complicated for beginners, but it has a lot of free resources that make possible to create application without boundaries of imagination.                               Photo : Android structure: Even if the structure in Android studio might look complicated, the actual place where the programmer is working the most can be found at: YourApp  - App -  SRC -  main   -  Assets                                                     -  Java                                                     -  Res (ources) images, text information, music etc                                                     -  Manifest file - a text file with all the app info for the android                                                                           
Periodic elements of Machine Learning - The human perspective What is the best content that someone could create, when everything seems to be already invented? Artificial Intelligence is an endless resource of tools that analyze and predicts unimaginable things, from rational to feelings and emotions. Let's discover some amazing ML features!                                                     Source:  Pixabay Extracting texts from videos to increase the indexing in search engines: Video indexer from Microsoft Azure Even if it's from 2018(in machine learning history, two years means ages) video indexer extracts text from motion pictures and help the search engines to find it by its relevancy.   Using the optical character reader(OCD), the algorithm is very intuitive, even if the images have bad quality or missing/covered letters. More about this product here: Extracting f
Data protection: California Consumer Privacy Act(CCPA) will take effect starting January 1st 2020 "Is this a new GDPR?" was my first thought. Actually there are some differences, but for sure it has the same purpose regarding the usage of personal data. The good news is CCPA is addressed to Californian based companies with a revenue higher than 25 millions dollars(or those companies that are selling data) and affects users that are living in California. The bad news is those companies are the giants titans from IT and adverting industry, so yes, it will affects almost all developers that are using global monetization as a business model. GDPR is mainly focused on "Cookies consent" and CCPA has "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" as a choice in the interaction with the user. Image by  Thomas Breher  from  Pixabay Wordpress already have a plugin:
Marketing and business with UX flavor: The mobile spoon Good reads are hard to find these years when internet is overwhelmed with information. I didn't plan to make reviews, but searching for some guidelines in promoting products in this beautiful digital market, a nice-friendly-easy-to read website got my attention. You might say: "oh, this is for mobile, so not necessary for me", but knowing digital marketing is mandatory in this super-tech world. Ladies and Gentlemen:  The mobile spoon:                                         Source: UI for texts: This page is more a combination between design and content, with many examples very good to know. Many people are having trouble when they had to describe, and in my opinion, any person, no matter the area is working(or maybe doesn't have one) sh
Stadia - a new concept of gaming in the cloud era Stadia is Google's cloud gaming service, and it will have the official launch in November this year, in 14 countries. The platform can be already accessed in a pre-launched edition, the geographical availability and requirements could be found on the official site, here. This new concept for the gaming industry is planning to have numerous advantages, simplifying a lot the access to different games: it requires a device with internet connection, it offers access to the latest versions of the games without downloading, functionality cross platforms-mobile, tablet, laptop, PC. The content will use the cloud power to stream games up to 4K HDR and 60 FPS quality for Stadia Pro subscribers. The list with the games that will be available   here .                      Source of the photo : The best part for developers: applications are open to join Stadia Wh