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Earn money giving your product for free – The monetisation

You probably have seen that every site or app have now a cookie consent or a disclaimer in collecting data. This means that, for keeping that product free and to continue providing free content, it is using ads. What is that message for? Well, there are millions of ads, and million of users, but the space and time is limited and costs money, so for each user has to be distributed the most accurate ads.
     Cookies are not software programs, are not installed and in most of the cases can be deleted in any moment that users want. Cookies are text strings that store some preferences so a user don't need to make that settings each time or to reduce the repetitive work.

      In a world where the number of digital products increase everyday, and each person want to access as much as it is possible, paying for each item is not profitable. Simple ads(either as banner, video or popup) are not only inoffensive but with the purpose to be useful and to be suitable to your needs. You a…