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Learn Android by yourself

Android is one of the most popular operating system(OS) and it continues to grow, so new developers are always necessary. As a person who didn’t graduate a technical college or any other exact sciences, I choose to share the things that helped me to grow as android developer:

1. Anyone can learn android, of course it depends the time, motivation, resources etc. The advantages are numerous such as the income, the independence(it is a universal language, available all over the world), a interactive environment( periodic updates that don't let you time to get bored)

2. You can learn it for free(even if I recommend as well paid and organized classes because usually people delay learning or avoid it specially at the beginning, when it looks a little bit difficult and abstract).
Of course the main source is the official one:
You can also find on Udacity some free android courses and on Youtube are already many tutorials.
One of my fav source of lear…

The humor of classical music revealed in cartoons

Classical music has now a funny side, thanks to cartoonists that drawn with a lot of humor some imaginary situations. The selection contains cartoons with chamber music, instrumentalists, the symphony or the vocal singers. I chose to put here a few of them: