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Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) explained for everybody

What is machine learning? That's the first question in everything is new and the answer is exactly in the question: our brain needs to define, to classify, to compare and to anticipate the things around us in order to have a faster thinking. Machine learning is part of artificial intelligence and it can be translate as “learn how to learn” a computer or a device.

I really like to compare machine learning with human thinking because I believe there's a lot of similarities. Once we see a thing/situation constantly, it remains in our memory and we can easily operate with it without trying to identify it again.

For example, if we see a photo with the Tour Eiffel, we can easily say what it is, because all the media presented it many times and we already have it in mind(unless other touristic points that probably we saw it once and it's hard to recognize them). So it is with the machines: it can be made to recognize the Tour Eiffel, by giving it resources(photos) and then the d…