Machine Learning for Humans: Personality tests with IBM Watson Personality Insights

 First of all, you don't need any programming skill, account or payment to see how this interesting Machine Learning feature work. 


Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence that, analyzing a big volume of data, can make prediction with a high precision. Usually this technology is used mostly in rational cases for taking better decisions and to anticipate some events, but the emotions and feeling, considered belong to humans(so far) are not in the center of development.

IBM Watson Personality Insights is a tool to understand better the customer needs, values and feedback and to help companies to improve their strategies. The link with the demo is below, you can introduce you own text and on the output it can be seen the personality analyzed.

        The service is available in five languages and it has some extra features for Twitter.

The best part in working in Cloud is the easiness: you don't have a super computer or high experience in programming. Also, the work is accessible for everywhere is an internet connection so I recommend for those who are at the beginning in learning tech and are afraid of complexity in classic programming.

PS- I will analyze this text later on:)
Note:This is not a sponsored article and it reflects only my experience of using this service

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