Travel Quiz - Latin America

  I've always been fascinated by Latin America: starting with the music, colors, traditions till its ancient history and amazing geography.

     I wanted to create a big app to include interesting facts of this beautiful part of the world,  to have an educational side but also some travel tips and interactive content. This takes time and for a small developer it is important first the feedback of the app, so I launched it as a quiz.  After every question, it is shown a text with detailed info. I tried to cover historical things, from aztects, inca and maya times to scientific facts like how the water drain at Ecuator or where is the best place to see the Milky Way. 
         In the future, I want to add more info and also pictures of Latin America, from the beautiful nature of Brazil, to colored folkloric pattern in Peru, the wine from Argentina or Chile, irresistible music of Colombia or Venezuela and the most delicious food in the world in Mexico.

The app can be found here:

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