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Amazing graffiti artists, with realistic and surreal artwork

The street art and its popular branch - graffiti are amazing through their universality and accessibility. Discover just a few of unbelievable creations made by famous artists, very appreciated worldwide.


A legend that fascinated generations through his work, the artist from Bristol(UK) continue to surprise without reveling his identity. Powerful messages, a satire of modern society and politics, a critic of super globalization and greed, a representation of the unheard voices.
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Eduardo Kobra

Being in Guinness Book with his artwork for 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Kobra is a superstar in graffiti industry. His unique style is a combination between perfect portraits(usually great personalities) and colorful geometric patterns, which brings the joy with that bright colors in the urban jungle. He is born and lives in São Paulo, Brazil and many times he approaches social causes through his artwork.
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Sergio Odeith

Portugal Street Art

Even if the Portuguese artist has a lot of fantastic portraits on murals, he is well-known for surreal and 3D paintings, with perfect optical illusions,  usually with insects. The shades are very well painted and some objects seems to be raised or even in action. On his official website, the anamorphic art has a special place, creating painting art in usual places like corners, pieces of buildings or other street elements.
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Martín Ron(Ron Muralist)

Argentina Buenos Aires

"Urban beauty" is a personal project of the Argentinian graffiti artist. Colorful style, in hypnotic shades and wonderful forms of imaginary objects, his artwork changes a lot the grey cities, giving a drop of life in industrial areas.
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Thiago Valdi

"The eyes, chico, they never lie!" is a famous quote from Scarface and it match perfectly with Thiago Valdi's work. Impressive details, beautiful colors, his painting are realistic and revealing a lot of emotion. With a rich portfolio in street art, the Brazilian artist has also creations in sculpture or traditional painting on canvas.
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