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Explore your creativity - tips to overcome the idea phase

Who can be creative? Everyone! Below, I put some issues I had to face through in my experience in creating and maintaining Luna project.

1. Choose a nickname 

This is not a rule and it's not a good idea for everyone, many artists use their own name from the very beginning. When you create something under your name and you rely on your friends and family opinion, they will be very subjective, judging more the person than the artwork. To me, it was useful to pick a nickname and to target unknown persons, because they didn't know who I was and all the focus was on my apps.

A nickname can be also a perfect defense for the impostor syndrome or the shame if the artwork is not very appreciated. Nothing to loose, so no reason to stay away.😊

2. A million dollars idea

I was asked many time what do I think about a certain idea, if I see the potential success. Even a very good idea needs 1000 other good ideas to become reality. When we talk about new things, there's no perfect plan: only after some steps you can take the next decision.

3. All talk, no walk

In my case, I think only 10% of my activity is visible and it had great results. There is 90% of work with a lot of determination and in the end I had to give up and to throw it away. I don't consider it wasted time because I learned things that led me to have that 10% successful rate.

4. The time

" I wasted my time till time wasted me" is one of my favorite lyrics(Savatage, "When The Crowds Are Gone"). The truth is it will never be the perfect moment to put in practice your ideas: bills and all kind of problems will say you should wait. Unless you win at lottery, great things take time so sooner is always better. Procrastination is a monster that kills the dreams.

5. Talent

In many cases, talented people think that work and learning are not necessary, just because they were born with extra skills. With a lot of work, some hidden features can show up and overcome the ones with native talent.

When you enjoy some artistic activities, but people around you are saying you do it wrong, it nice to learn and practice a little more to see if you can do a progress. Don't give up, but don't insist in the wrong direction as well.

6. Therapy 

Painting, composing, decorating are used as therapies, from relieving the stress till psychiatric disorders. The point is not to have one of that issues, but think about in every mind, no matter the condition is a piece of creativity waiting to be discovered. Also it is a good opportunity to know and understand yourself, to manage better your feelings.