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Firebase - the magic behind the apps

As android developer, I am using Firebase for more than 2 years and I am planning to use it more since it's a smooth and easy way to work more in Cloud. Actually, some features of Google Cloud can be already seen in Firebase, such as Machine Learning Kit(smart reply API) of Cloud Functions, being a natural transit to this top-edge technology. Now, a step in Gaming industry because Firebase has features for Unity(Google also recently present its platform of live-streaming games, Stadia) so on-premise style is close to have a destiny similar to floppy-disks.
More about Firebase:

A very important thing: Firebase can be use as well by big companies, by independent companies or for start-ups who doesn't have to worry about if their application suddenly grow, being a great solution for scaling. Also, many of features are free and very easy to integrate:
- it's necessary to register the app
- to download the json file already created and put it inside of the app
- put the necessary dependencies in Gradle files;
- add the specific code:

Firebase Analytics 

As it can be seen from the name, it's about a tool that gives you a statistic data of app performance, targeting, metrics that can be structured and segmented in multiple ways. It's easy to understand user's behavior inside of app and to make decision on segmentation groups, by "include" or "exclude" depending if they pass the first easy levels of the game, for example.

 But hey, we are almost in 2020 and we have a lot of data, that could be impossible to be interpreted and understood in order to take the best decision in the future. That's why we have Firebase Predictions, or what it result when Analytics received a machine learning power.

Firebase Crashlytics

For sure, not a source of good news(I don't like when I receive notification from Crashlytics) but very important when you want to have a good performance of your app and to fix a problem many times before the users will even notice.

Remote config

Tired to modify and update the app on Play Store just for small modifications? Not only you can make customization without touching the code, but some parameters can be personalized for different groups. Of course, there are some limitations and those changes can't require user authorization. And starting to this point, there's a pallete of tools for real-time database, in-app-messaging, cloud messaging and so on, making the app to have smaller size and great time performance.

These are just a few of the tools that exist in platform. In Madrid on September 26th it's announce a big Firebase summit with big announcements. In my opinion, for small developers where the resources are limited, Firebase it's a good solution to grow and to maintain of high-level professionalism, like big companies.