Marketing and business with UX flavor: The mobile spoon

Good reads are hard to find these years when internet is overwhelmed with information.
I didn't plan to make reviews, but searching for some guidelines in promoting products in this beautiful digital market, a nice-friendly-easy-to read website got my attention. You might say: "oh, this is for mobile, so not necessary for me", but knowing digital marketing is mandatory in this super-tech world.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The mobile spoon: 


UI for texts:

This page is more a combination between design and content, with many examples very good to know. Many people are having trouble when they had to describe, and in my opinion, any person, no matter the area is working(or maybe doesn't have one) should practice writing texts.

Ask users to pay:

Ok, this is my favorite. We are living in a world where users prefer free content, in big quantities. It is nothing wrong to ask money for a work that should be paid. Also, there are some good strategies and practices to gain user's trust and increase your business.

This is very educative and very well explained, easy to read and super-useful. From UX advises to MVP(minimum viable product), this blog is a gold mine of information.

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