Data protection: California Consumer Privacy Act(CCPA) will take effect starting January 1st 2020

"Is this a new GDPR?" was my first thought. Actually there are some differences, but for sure it has the same purpose regarding the usage of personal data.

The good news is CCPA is addressed to Californian based companies with a revenue higher than 25 millions dollars(or those companies that are selling data) and affects users that are living in California. The bad news is those companies are the giants titans from IT and adverting industry, so yes, it will affects almost all developers that are using global monetization as a business model.
GDPR is mainly focused on "Cookies consent" and CCPA has "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" as a choice in the interaction with the user.

Wordpress already have a plugin: and soon most of the website-creation platforms will have included this feature.

In a world in a continuous demand for free content is impossible to have a reliable business without ads. And from billions of ads, you will have to make sure witch one is more suitable for which user, so the usage of cookies is essentials. The problem is this data is not always collected with good intentions so I am expecting more regional data policies in the near future - I only hope that these regulations to protect the correct data processors and to not be against them.

                                                                                                                 Written by Iulia Sandut

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