Periodic elements of Machine Learning - The human perspective

What is the best content that someone could create, when everything seems to be already invented? Artificial Intelligence is an endless resource of tools that analyze and predicts unimaginable things, from rational to feelings and emotions. Let's discover some amazing ML features!

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Extracting texts from videos to increase the indexing in search engines:
Video indexer from Microsoft Azure
Even if it's from 2018(in machine learning history, two years means ages) video indexer extracts text from motion pictures and help the search engines to find it by its relevancy.  Using the optical character reader(OCD), the algorithm is very intuitive, even if the images have bad quality or missing/covered letters.

More about this product here:

Extracting feelings from texts and reveal personality insights with:
Watson Insights from IBM
A very useful tool especially, when it comes to understand consumption preferences, this AI tool is useful for analyzing and social media texts. On the site below there is a live demo, where different post, tweets or any text is analyzed revealing personality insights, bringing the cognitive technology at other level.

More about this product here:

Understanding the art:
Tensorflow from Google
An open source that is easy to be "trained" even by non-technical persons, this Tensorflow feature combines the original photo content with classic paintings. Also, Tensorflow is one of the easiest way to practice image classification and detection.

More about it here:

Exploring the user experience at maximum with:
Adobe Sensei
Well know for its products in graphics and marketing analytics, Adobe brings "Sensei" combining the perfect image content with the intuitive search. The product is focused on user experience, proving insights to help the marketers to take the best decisions regarding the content.

Iulia Sandut

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