Things good to know about Android Coding(without programming experience)

Released in 2008, Android is an mobile operating system based on Linux. It might look a little bit complicated for beginners, but it has a lot of free resources that make possible to create application without boundaries of imagination.

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Android structure: Even if the structure in Android studio might look complicated, the actual place where the programmer is working the most can be found at:

YourApp - AppSRC main  - Assets
                                                    - Java
                                                    - Res(ources) images, text information, music etc
                                                    - Manifest file - a text file with all the app info for the android                                                                                           system

Android components:
    -activities: what user sees, what user interact with;
    -services: what user doesn't see, it doesn't have a user interface(application running in background)
    -broadcast receivers: used to deliver an event, to start a notification and so on;
    -content providers: manage the data of the application.

Programming language: Even if  for year Java was the most use programming language for Android, Kotlin seems to get a lot of popularity in the last years. The official training provided by Google can be found here: and ...good news: it's free!

Graphics: how can an image fit in so many different screen sizes? the answers is simple: a PNG file that is modified directly in Android Studio on edges in order to select the lock pixels and the part of the image that is allowed to stretch. More about it here:

Icons: Make some cool icons frame suitable for all screens with Android Asset Studio. The generated images are downloaded in png format and it can be used as well for web, for example.

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