Digital tools mandatory to speed up the tourism recovery after Pandemic

The most affected hospitality industry is without a doubt that of tourism and hospitality. As the restrictions persist, I want to highlight a few tools that, at low cost, can help this industry mitigate its losses.

       1.  A website, a responsive email address, and social media page 

     If till now, some tourist entities were found thanks to the reviews from tourists on a different platform, now this is one of the most important assets to survive in this time. The following information must be included and instantly updated: operating hours, maps, how a tourist can reach the destination, and a contact form. Use social media not only for beautiful pictures, but offering useful details as well.

    2. Prediction for avoiding crowded places

     This is not a tool for particular tourist entities, but for local authorities and big museums. Today, there are big data about the touristic flow. Machine learning can be used for recommendations, based on the customer's preferences, but also considering the vacancy of desired places.

   3. Spot the green places and alerts-make reservations.

  There are multiple places that normally let the tourists keep the distances, like mountain villages, but thanks to the technology, much big touristic attraction can re-start the activity when it will be possible.

Making a reservation is important to have a correct estimation of people and for taking the right measures for keeping the social distance and safety.

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