Graphic designers and/or artists of our times

                   I chose the most popular in social media, with a strong visibility and with 

              messages that reached a lot of people. Their artworks are very important because 

              it melts the cultural borders, creating bridges between people, sustaining tolerance 

              and understanding of global problems. 





                    The anonymous graffiti artist started in early 90' in Bristol, UK, being in this 
          moment one of the most popular and it's work had a huge social impact. The concept
          of “Street Art” is very related to this name. The artwork is complex, and includes
          simple graffiti or graffiti reacting to nearby objects.

            Tango Gao

               Tango is very popular artist on the social networks, especially on Facebook or Tumblr,                    recognized by his signature @tango2010 and Tango Shanghai. Personally, I really love
          the way how two different elements are interfered realizing amazing artwork, but with                          powerful messages, combining the sarcasm with the comic situations.


               As he describes himself, Nacho Diaz alias Naolito is a passionate designer very dedicated              to his artwork. He put "the not very popular" characters in better light, reveling the fact that                sometimes we have to see things from a different perspective as well.

            Pawel Kuczynski

             The polish satirist has a unique style revealing the society problems, such as the abuse of                 social media, the unfair wars and the unequal distribution of resources. Since 2004 he was                   rewarded with many awards for his cartoons.

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